Nicknames make it easier for other people to find you in the Penn State electronic telephone directory (LDAP).

About Nicknames

By adding one or more nicknames to your LDAP entry you will help friends and colleagues find you more quickly when they use the Penn State Directory .

When you use the Penn State Directory, it searches in both the name field and the nickname field. By adding extra information to the nicknames field, you will increase the chances of someone finding you, or at least finding you with less difficulty. Appropriate entries in the nickname field include common misspellings of your first or middle name (Susan, Susanne, Suzanne, etc.), common misspellings of your last name (Smith, Smythe, Smyth, etc.), shortened versions of your first or middle names (Joe, Dave, Cyndi, Dani, etc.), true nicknames (Bud, CJ, Butch, Stinky, etc.), and other last names that you have used in the past.

For example, lets name our user Catharine Leigh McCormack. People who have known her for years call her Cathy, but others call her Catharine. Most people, when hearing her name believe that her first name begins with a 'K', that her middle name is Lee, and her last name is McCormick. Additionally, Cathy has recently changed her last name from MacDonough to McCormack. Poor Cathy - she always hears complaints that people can't find her in the PSU directory! Instead of getting mad, Cathy entered all of the following nicknames into her Ph Directory: Cathy, Kathy, Katherine, Catherine, Lee, McCormick, McDonough, MacDonough. Now, even people who are unsure of the spelling of her proper name still have a good chance of finding her.

There is a significant difference between a nickname and an alias. People can successfully send e-mail to your alias, but not to a nickname. A nickname is only to be used to assist others to find your entry in the electronic phone book.

Connect to WORK.PSU.EDU and Add Nicknames

  1. Go to the web page, , and login with your PSU UserID and password.
  2. In the Other Directory Information section, click Add/Change Other Directory Information . Note : There are many fields in your Phone Book Entry that you may change.
  3. In the Nickname field, enter as many nicknames as necessary, separating them with commas.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the display and click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Your change will be submitted and you will return to the original screen when done.
  6. Click the Back button on your browser button to return to the Welcome page of WORK.PSU.EDU.
  7. Click Logout . Close the bowser window.