Chile: An “Island” All On Its Own by Haley Stauffer, BioRenewable Systems Major, International Agriculture and Spanish Minors
June 21, 2018
"Upon hearing of the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to Patagonia, one of the most remote and untouched regions of the world, through a Natural Resources and Sustainability course offered through the Environmental Resource Management department within the College of Agricultural Sciences, I knew I had to find a way to make it a reality."
Ireland – Truly Greener Pastures by Cullen Dixon, Plant Sciences Major, Plant Pathology Minor
June 21, 2018
“What made this trip so perfect for myself was the fact that, as a new world traveler, taking a trip to a land which shares such a great deal of similarities with our own, made the transition far easier.”
Azorean Adventures by Sydney Jewell, Animal Science Major, International Agriculture Minor
June 12, 2018
As part of this embedded course, I had the opportunity to visit two islands of the nine-island Azorean archipelago and the capital of Portugal. This trip was my first time abroad and I loved every minute of it.
Azores: Islands of Beautiful Green Mountains and Happy Cows by Grecia Hernandez-Rendon, Animal Science Major and Science, Agronomy Minor
June 12, 2018
“Everything about this trip was fantastic and eye-opening; from the vast green pastures to their steamy volcanic streams and their narrow streets.”
Toulouse, France—The Best Place to Study Abroad in France Right Now by Kirra Edelman, Agribusiness Management Major
June 12, 2018
As I was close to entering my last semester as an undergraduate at Penn State University, I realized I was missing something; a study abroad experience.
Finding Similarities in Our Differences by Gillian Warner, Community, Environment, and Development Major
June 12, 2018
“The ability to connect with people through our similarities instead of dividing us because of our differences will be a lesson I can carry with me wherever I go.”