Food Travels: Germany - Bryanna Kenno, Agricultural and Extension Education, INTAG and Wildlife & Fisheries Minors


Posted: May 30, 2013

An unforgettable experience and proof that dreams really do come true!
A wonderful view Heidelberg and the Heidelberg Castle.

A wonderful view Heidelberg and the Heidelberg Castle.

During my time spent in Germany, I learned so much information about the German culture, history, people, and agricultural systems. I knew Germany was famous for drinking beer, eating pork and baking lots of bread. I thought that was the extent of their agricultural production systems but boy was I ever wrong.

I experienced many of the agricultural products Germany has to offer including three dairy farms, a winery, the famous Ayinger brewery, the McDonald’s in Munich, and even the John Deere production plant in Mannheim! KennoGermany3.pngGermany had much to teach me about their agricultural systems. With each day, I gained a greater understanding of German agriculture. Germans are into organic farming and maintain sustainable farming practices. This was very interesting to see firsthand because the organic movement is just starting to pick up in the United States.

If I were to describe my experience to Germany to a potential employer, I would have much information to discuss. I would describe my visit to Hohenheim University, Germany’s major agricultural college, where I had the chance to meet and exchange information between undergraduate students like myself. I would explain that this benefited me because I gained a more global perspective of agriculture. I would talk about similarities and differences between German and American agriculture, along with new innovative ideas.KennoGermany2.png

Traveling to Germany has helped me gain numerous skills which will be very beneficial to me as I continue my undergraduate career. One very important skill I improved upon was self-management skills. I had to make sure I woke up on time each morning and that I was always on schedule with tours and planned activities. I also made sure I carried maps, I.D. and money with me in case of an emergency.