CED 499B: Honduras - Economic Development in the Developing World: Kayla Lovallo


Posted: June 13, 2012

Having the opportunity to see development first-hand is an eye-opening experience!
Overlooking Zamorano University & all its agricultural land & the valley

Overlooking Zamorano University & all its agricultural land & the valley

This past spring break, I had the opportunity to spend my time in Honduras with the CED 499B.  The course curriculum was designed to teach us about economic development in the developing world.  Before our trip, we spent class time each week discussing articles related to Honduran development topics and brainstormed on what we wanted to take from this experience.  It is one thing to read about an issue, but it is another to be able to have that hands-on experience and actually see the country itself.

LovalloHonduras2.pngWe were guests at Zamorano University, an elite agricultural university in Central America.  During our stay, we saw development projects that the University is working on that directly impacts local rural communities in Honduras.  Each day, we travelled to different rural communities to see what types of initiatives are happening at the local level to produce change.  It was disheartening at times, seeing impoverished individuals living their lives, feeling like we can’t make a difference.  But it was inspiring to see the individuals that are putting their time and money into proactive changes since they love their communities, their country, and their planet.

LovalloHonduras3.pngThe trip reinforced my course studies within the CED major.  Within the major, we are taught about economic and community development, both its pitfalls and successes.  This international experience further proved that change can happen and is difficult, but with the proper resources and drive it can become a reality.  I believe that international abroad experiences are extremely important, regardless of what your field of study may be.  Being able to comprehend and have an insight into another culture opens your own mind to new ideas.  Abroad experiences are also very marketable to future employers.  I believe it shows you are open to new experiences in different learning environments, ready to face new challenges head on.