AN SC 499A: The Equine Industry in Normandy, France – Amy Kraus, Animal Sciences
December 18, 2012
I’m amazed by all of the unforgettable experiences we packed into just ten days...
La Vita Bella a Firenze, Italia (The beautiful life in Florence, Italy): Abigail Miller Agribusiness Management & Telecommunications
December 18, 2012
I’ve learned that traveling is the best way to grow as a person. The different cultures, people, language and environment allow one to step outside their comfort zone and really explore every opportunity.
Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Tanzania: Alison Muscato - Community, Environment and Development
December 18, 2012
1 country. 40 days. 14 Penn Staters. Millions of chickens. I lived in rural Tanzania for a month and am grateful for every minute I spent there.
An Irish Experience - Sarah Mann: Food Science
December 18, 2012
As well as the desire to learn more about my roots, Ireland gave me the realization that no matter how big the world is, no matter how far apart people are, no matter how different the culture is, there are always those similarities that people share and can relate to each other with.
One Large Step for One Small Town Girl: My Trip to Seoul, Korea - Ashley Tressler, Ag & Extension Education
December 18, 2012
Never let fear or doubt stop you from grabbing such an amazing opportunity. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I will never forget the experiences, memories, and friends I made along the way.
An Irish Odyssey - Katie Laughlin, Ag. Sciences major, Ag Communications, Ag Business Management, International Ag minors
December 18, 2012
It’s one thing to go to class with great people at a great University, but experiencing a country like Ireland with them is so much better.
I left my heart in Seoul (S. Korea): Jessica Shilladay, Agriculture and Extension Education
December 4, 2012
I would encourage all students to participate in a study abroad trip and to dismiss any hesitations that they have about traveling because the experiences that they have will last a lifetime.
The Land of a Thousand Hills (Rwanda): Kira Hydock, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
December 4, 2012
I look forward to returning to Urukundo next summer to see how the agricultural practices are holding up and to witness the progress in animal productivity...
Traveled to the CYEC in Nyeri, Kenya with CED 499A: Nora Frumento, CED Major, Arabic & Spanish Minors
November 13, 2012
I will always remember the times I spent with the children, laughing and loving every minute of it...
Adventures in South Africa and Mozambique 2012: Ashley Pilipovich, Environmental Resource Management
September 29, 2012
It was the most valuable learning experience I have ever been a part of!
Equine Industries in France - Maria Dahl, Animal Sciences Major, INTAG minor
September 29, 2012
This past summer of 2012, I attended a study abroad trip with Dr. Marianne Fivek and Dr. Ann Swinker, and fifteen other students from Penn State. The trip was for an embedded course on French Equine Industries in Normandy. The objective of the trip was to learn about the horse business in France, which included, breeding, transportation, dressage, racing, showing, and selling.
Brisbane, Australia: Morgan Porter, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
August 28, 2012
My love of exploring new places, my passion for Steve Irwin, and my fascination of the world down under...
The Opportunity of a Lifetime: Ireland - Amanda Gregor, Immunology and Infectious Disease
August 28, 2012
Although I love Penn State, my semester in Galway, Ireland may be the best couple of months that I’ve had during my college experience.
My Journey Through East Africa The School for Field Studies Kenya and Tanzania Wildlife Management Program - Ashley Fehringer, Animal Sciences
August 28, 2012
I will never forget the first time I saw an African Lion in the Ngorongoro Crater, just a few feet from my jeep looking powerful, majestic and beautiful. And the cubs were adorable!
Costa Rica: A Bountiful Nation - BriAnna Myers, Horticulture
August 28, 2012
To sum up Costa Rica in one sentence I would have to say that the people are welcoming, the landscapes are breathtaking, and the culture, food, and activities are perfect! Make the trip!
The Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE) Affordable Greenhouse Venture: Improving Food Security in Kenya and Rwanda - Arianna De Reus, Community Environment Development (CED)
August 28, 2012
I was raised to value service to others above all things and the HESE program has enabled me to work on real-life, social entrepreneurial ventures with great social impact.
Queensland, Australia: Jeanette Blank, Agricultural and Extension Education
August 15, 2012
Crocodile Dundee made me want to visit Australia…
More than Just a Spanish Class - Costa Rica Spanish Field Studies: Alyssa Sheppard, Animal Sciences
July 20, 2012
...the tropical air immediately began to seep into every pore and with it, the “pura vida” way of life...
The First Trip of A Lifetime - Germany: Chelsie Beck, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
July 20, 2012
I have never been on a plane, let alone, overseas. I took this opportunity to go on this trip because of the endless possibilities, to experience a different culture and explore where my ancestors have originated from.
My Time in Perth, Australia: Andrew Clark
July 20, 2012
Aside from all the wonderful things I saw, I am extremely grateful for all the friends I made on this trip. This trip tested my confidence and my independence and from it, I believe I have become a stronger person...
Veterinary Medicine and Conservation in Central America; Ashley Moyer - Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences, Kinesiology
June 14, 2012
Belize is a great place to visit, and an even better place to study wildlife medicine and conservation.
Featured Class Blog: Spanish for Agriculture Field Studies (Costa Rica)
June 14, 2012
Featured Class Blog: CED 499B - Honduras
June 14, 2012
This 1 week field trip to Honduras is intended to provide a broad overview of the many issues facing local development initiatives in rural communities. The trip will expose us to local projects and initiatives developed during the last few years in the Yeguare valley to improve the local economy and reduce extreme poverty. These changes are slow and difficult and not always with positive results. Our hope is that this trip will help provide insight into difficulties of rural development.
Environmental Sustainability in Panama - Lindsay McPhail
June 14, 2012
One of the most inspiring messages from the trip was from one of the Embera women who explained that the community of Piriati lived day-by-day...
Tres Chicas en la Jungla - Costa Rica: Bernadette Brogden
June 14, 2012
After putting our boots on we walk to the shed, grab our shovels and wheel barrows, and head back to the nursery to pick out some baby trees that look big enough to plant...
An Irish Odyssey - Andrew Haverstick
June 14, 2012
It fascinates and delights me that you can travel over 3000 mile across an entire ocean and still be able to connect with someone of a different culture and upbringing on a personal level...
CED 499B: Honduras - Economic Development in the Developing World: Tyler Doppelheuer
June 13, 2012
Que Pedos?
CED 499B: Honduras - Economic Development in the Developing World: Kayla Lovallo
June 13, 2012
Having the opportunity to see development first-hand is an eye-opening experience!
Horses and France, What More Could You Ask For? Katie Branham
June 13, 2012
This was an experience of a life time! If you love animals, especially horses, and would like to experience an unforgettable cultural experience this is the trip for you!
French Equine Experience - Melissa Wise
June 13, 2012
The most difficult question to answer is what was my favorite part of the trip...
Food Travels Germany - Ashley Mignogna
June 13, 2012
Today’s world is becoming increasingly more globalized, so it is very important for us to realize we aren’t the only ones here and that we all contribute something to the world. We share our resources and products with one another to make the world complete. This was such an amazing experience and I am truly blessed to have been able to participate.
Featured Class Blog: CED 499A - Children and Youth Empowerment Centre, Kenya
May 30, 2012
The Penn State CED class arrived in Nairobi, Kenya in their efforts to work in collaboration with the Children & Youth Empowerment Centre (CYEC) in Nyeri, Kenya. The class is comprised of nine students and three faculty members from the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State. The CYEC functions to provide street orphans and at-risk youth with education and vocational skills so that once they leave the Centre, they may be able to generate income on their own. The students are working closely with the older youth at the facility who participate in a Community-Based Organization (CBO) who run their own small businesses to generate income. During the three week immersion, PSU students will assist the CBO youth in projects like; small business workshops, resource identification in the locale, livestock production, and hay making.