Maximizing Global Experiences

This course is intended for students returning from study abroad and other global experiences as an opportunity to reflect upon and maximize the learning from these experiences.

Unpack your global experience with INTAG 497!

  • Connect your global experience to your coursework and major
  • Learn how to articulate details of your experience to future employers
  • Share the value of global experiences with others
  • Become a part of community of like-minded students


Course details

Maximizing Global Experiences: INTAG 497

Next offering: Fall 2015

Variable credit: students can enroll from 1 - 3 credits.  See below for more information.

About the course

This variable credit course will be divided into three sections.  Each section will be five weeks long and worth one credit.  Students may enroll for 1, 2 or 3 credits.  More information about each section is described below.

Articulating your experience

How can you put your global experience into words?  This section of the course will emphasize productive reflection.  Students will explore the concept of global competency and how to articulate learning gains to others.


Now what?  This section of the course will focus on next steps to continue developing global competency.  Students will explore ways to connect their global experience to their coursework, majors and future careers.  

Leaving a legacy

How can you inspire others to "go global"?  In this section of the course, students will have the opportunity to share their global experiences with the Penn State community and beyond.  Students will have the opportunity to work with the Office of International Programs on current projects to enhance and expand global learning and opportunities.

For more information

Please contact the course instructor with questions or for more information:

  • Melanie Miller Foster -