China Internship

International Summer Veterinary Research Internship in China


  • Up to six student internship positions available.
  • Juniors (graduating 2020) preferred, but seniors considered.
  • Students majoring in Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences, Immunology & Infectious Diseases, Toxicology, Animal Science, Biology, and other science based majors preferred.


  • Guangxi Veterinary Research Institute (GVRI) in China
  • Approximately 5 weeks in summer 2019


  • To provide students opportunities to gain international experience in conducting independent studies and research assignments in animal disease research and investigations, diagnostic development and disease control strategies.
  • Students accepted to the program are expected to conduct project assignments in studying specific animal viral pathogens and also participate in routine lab activities and research studies using various traditional and advanced diagnostic procedures.


  • Dr Huaguang Lu, Avian Virologist at PSU, will assist students to prepare for this program, and his colleagues in GVRI will serve as co-mentors to coordinate the program.
  • GVRI will provide accommodations (lodging and meals) and domestic travel costs in China as needed for students during their stay.
  • Students will be responsible for their own international travel related costs (i.e., passport, visa, air ticket to and from the US, health insurance).
  • To be better prepared or pre-trained for this internship program, applicants are asked to register for Vet Sci 496 independent study credits available at Wiley lab/ADL Avian Virology for the spring semester to work with Dr. Lu on skills needed for this internship experience.

INTERESTED? Email your resume to Dr. Lu at ASAP