Short Term International Embedded Courses and Summer Programs

College of Agricultural Sciences faculty/staff-led embedded courses, summer programs, domestic study away, and more.

Fall 2018/Spring & Summer 2019

International Educational programs are courses or programs led by CAS faculty or staff. Many meet on campus during the semester and have an “embedded” international trip experience either over fall, winter, or spring break or in the beginning of the summer, between 1 to 4 weeks. Some are focused on specific major areas or topics, but students in any major are welcome to apply. All programs listed below are embedded unless noted otherwise. Please contact the course leader or Ketja Lingenfelter, Assistant Director for Student Global Engagement for details.

Upcoming courses and programs by REGION


  • Ghana
    • INTAG300: Agricultural Production and Farming Systems in the Tropics
    • 3 credits, optional travel, Fall Break, 2018
    • Course leaders: Dr. Sjoerd Duiker, , Dr. Abder Ouarghidi,
  • Kenya
    • AGECO/CED 499: Issues in Economic, Community and Agricultural Development in Kenya
    • 2.5 credits in spring, 0.5 credits in summer, travel 2.5 weeks in May, 2019
    • Course leaders: Janelle Larson, , Sjoerd Duiker, 


  • China
    • Research Internship in Veterinary research (specifically Avian disease)
    • 6 credits, not embedded, travel 5 weeks in Summer, 2019
    • Course leader: Huaguang Lu,


  • Belize
    • AEE/INTAG 499: Indigenous Knowledge and Agricultural Education
    • 3 credits, travel 8 days Spring Break in March 2-9, 2019
    • Course leaders: Daniel Foster, and John Ewing,
  • Costa Rica (EARTH University)

    • ERM 499: Connections between communities and environment, integrated & organic farming operations, botanical gardens, tropical rainforest
    • 3 credits, travel 9 days Spring Break in March 2-10, 2019
    • Course leaders: Tammy Shannon,, Rob Shannon,


  • France (Paris)
    • INTAD 820: International Ag & Development Dual Title for graduate students in the INTAD program only
    • Travel 9 days Spring Break, 2019
    • Course leader: Melanie Miller-Foster,
  • Italy
    • FD SC/INTAG 460: Food Production in Italy
    • Travel Spring Break, 2019
    • Course leader: Jasna Kovac,
  • Spain
    • HORT 499: Examining Old World Crops Tentative course
    • Travel September, 2019
    • Course leaders: Dennis Decoteau, Tarrah Geszvain,
  • Sweden
    • ERM 497A & 499B: The Baltic Sea and the Chesapeake Bay: Lessons Learned for Water Quality Restoration Efforts
    • Travel May, 2019
    • Course leaders: Matt Royer, , Anna Marie Nachman,
  • Switzerland
    • AN SC 499: Agricultural Animal Industry Studies in Switzerland
    • 2.5 credits in spring, 0.5 in summer, travel June, 2019
    • Course leaders: Ann Macrina,, Jake Werner,




  • Cambodia
    • HORT 497A & B: Sustainable Agriculture: Cambodia U.S. Comparative Case Study
    • 3 credits, TENTATIVE travel 15 days Winter Break, 2019-2020
    • Course leaders: Rick Bates, , Jim Sellmer,
  • India
    • FD SC 499: Global perspectives on agriculture and food systems in India
    • 3 credits, travel 9 days over Fall Break, 2019
    • Course leader: Swamy Anantheswaran,


  • Armenia
    • FD SC 499: The Systems of Wine Making in Armenia, upper Level undergrads and grad students
    • 3 credits, travel Aug. 30-Sept. 14, 2019
    • Course Leaders: Cathy Cutter, , Ryan Elias,


  • Denmark
    • FD SC 499: Brewing Science in Copenhagen
    • Travel 9 days Spring Break, 2020
    • Course leaders: Ryan Elias,
  • France (Toulouse)
    • INTAG/AGBM 470: Comparing US/French Agricultural Systems, based in the South of France
    • 2.5 credits in spring, 0.5 in summer, travel 2 weeks May, 2020
    • Course leaders: Ted Jaenicke,, Rita Graef,
  • Ireland
    • HORT 499H: Walking in the Footsteps of the Irish During the Irish Potato Famine: Examinations of New World Crops in Old World Societies 
    • 2.5 credits in spring, 0.5 credits in summer, first priority to College of Ag Sci Schreyer Honors Students, travel 10 days May, 2020
    • Course leader: Dennis Decoteau,, Tracy Hoover,


  • New Zealand
    • Tentative course AG BM 499
    • Travel Winter Break, 2019/2020
    • Course leader: Stephan Goetz,


    • TURF 499: Turfgrass Management Practices
    • Travel 10 days May, 2020
    • Course leader: Dianne Petrunak,, Andy McNitt,

Note: Your Student Conduct record and Academic record will be checked as part of the pre‐departure process for any College of Agricultural Sciences embedded program. If you have a significant disciplinary Student Conduct record, are currently on disciplinary probation, academic probation, or if your GPA is below 2.5, you may be deemed ineligible for the program.