Funding Resources for Faculty/Staff

  • Apply for Global Programs Travel Grant if course is new or has changed. Deadlines:
    • September 15 (for travel during the spring semester or later)
    • February 15 (for travel during the summer, fall semester, winter break, or later)
  • Apply for CAS Office of International Programs study abroad group funding by notifying Ketja Lingenfelter, of your course plans by mid-August. Please provide cost estimate per student, draft itinerary and draft syllabus. You will receive at least $1500 toward a course of 8 students or more, with a likelihood of additional funding being available. This funding can be used as a match for other funding applications and departmental support requests.
  • Apply for CAS Tag Along funds if you have a new faculty/staff or graduate assistant co-leading your course. Deadlines:
    • June 1: For travel between July 1 and October 31
    • October 1: For travel between November 1 and February 28
    • February 1: For travel between March 1 and June 30