Embedded Course Leader Timeline

This is a general list of steps to create an embedded course. Please email or meet with Ketja Lingenfelter, Assistant Director for Student Global Engagement, for a detailed checklist and links to resources for this process:

Embedded Course Leaders Checklist

Planning course:

  • Approvals
  • Course creation
  • Syllabus creation
  • Funding proposals
    • Deadlines in February and September

Planning travel:

  • Create budget
  • Create itinerary
  • Follow university liability and auto insurance requirements

Recruitment (Office of International Programs will assist with this):

  • Create electronic flyer/website
  • Email and social media announcements
  • Information sessions
  • Participate in CAS International Course Fair in early October

Registering students:

  • Receive applications and interview students
  • Check GPAs and Student Conduct records
  • Collect a deposit
  • Check with international student participants about Visa requirements
  • Remind students to apply for university and college study abroad funding awards

Embedded course policies:

  • Submit course information to Global Programs (check with Ketja about this process)
  • Attend emergency preparedness workshop
  • At least two PSU employees must accompany/lead embedded courses. Non-PSU employees are not permitted to travel with group.
  • Students are required to complete an on-line orientation and submit information to Global Programs.
  • Turn in roster, itinerary, emergency #s to Ketja who will hold them as a back-up in case of emergency.


  • Teach course
  • Finalize travel itinerary
  • Book flights
  • Collect payments from students
  • Wire funds
  • Have students complete pre-course and post-trip embedded course surveys
  • Encourage students to lead fundraising events for their trip
  • Discuss senior travel policy (or direct to Ketja for details)


  • Collect emergency items to carry with you
  • Work through any student issues as they arise including behavioral problems or medical issues
  • Contact the global programs risk manager for any concerns, questions, or medical/behavioral issues or updates and document issues thoroughly
  • Contact local emergency and then PSU Police at +1-814-863-1111 for any emergencies while traveling with students. They will route your call to the appropriate PSU response team.


Global Programs Embedded Course Proposal, click Start or Access Embedded Course Proposal.

Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad Programs

Please contact Ketja Lingenfelter,, 814-863-4164 for a detailed checklist with links and resources.

Thank you for expanding our students’ horizons!