Spanish Field Studies in Costa Rica class embraces social media to share experiences

Posted: May 9, 2012

Social media will play a role in helping students meet the goals of INTAG 197A, Spanish for Agriculture, including improving their Spanish speaking abilities and learning about the agriculture industry in tropical Costa Rica.

The class met during the spring semester where they discussed the history and culture of Costa Rica and the relationship between the agricultural industry and economic and social change. The class is currently in Costa Rica for one month not only learning about agriculture and improving their Spanish, but also experiencing local culture through living with host families.

All the social media is integrated into the learning objectives and class assignments.  In class students learned best practices for different social media outlets, how to build a following/online community, and how to use the social media platforms that they were not familiar with.  Each student is required to blog three times during the trip, according to a pre-set schedule. 

Additionally, each student will be pursuing more information related to their specific interests.  For example, some students are interested in the dairy industry, and are working individually to learn the Spanish vocabulary related to the industry, as well as learning more about the industry in Costa Rica.  Students will write blogs and create YouTube videos to demonstrate what they have learned.

Click here to be taken directly to the Spanish Field Studies in Costa Rica class blog, which is updated almost daily.  Additionally, you can follow the class on Twitter at @SpanishForAg and on their YouTube Channel (select the link or search for spanfieldstudies).