INTAD Student Spotlight: Noel Habashy

Posted: May 27, 2016

Mr. Noel Habashy is completing a Ph.D. at The Pennsylvania State University in agricultural & extension education and international agriculture & development.  He has lived in Canada, Costa Rica, Egypt, and Honduras in addition to working in international development or education on five continents.  His research focuses on understanding community perspectives of development projects. After graduation, he plans on working with NGOs and universities to facilitate collaborative, agile partnerships with local communities in the Global South.

This summer Noel is participating in the prestigious Future Leaders Forum at the Association for International Agriculture & Rural Development annual conference in Washington, DC.  In addition to participating in the conference, this forum includes meetings with representatives at the World Bank, USAID, FAO, Peace Corps and more. 

Additionally, Noel will be presenting a poster titled "You Could Do Better: Developing Improved Outcomes for Global Education" at the annual conference of the North American Teachers and Colleges of Agriculture in Honolulu, Hawaii.