INTAD Alumna Provides Agriculture Training for Syrian Refugees

Posted: October 29, 2016

Sarah Osmane, a recent graduate of the International Agriculture and Development Agriculture dual-title, is now serving as the Agriculture Officer at Concern Worldwide.

Dr. Osmane joined livelihoods program of Concern Worldwide in Akkar Northen Lebanon, that is focused to empower 250 Lebanese farmers by providing them agricultural training and potato, tomato, and leafy greens inputs. The program focuses both on Lebanese farmers and capacity building of Syrian agricultural workers to increase the farmer’s income and social cohesion among the two groups.

Currently, the project is working to implement a series of Farmer Field Schools. Dr. Osmane with her team has also conducted focus group discussion to assess farmer needs and current dynamics of on-farm activities. During her work she provided training for local partners on community outreach and training delivery method and have been coordinating with local authorities like extension offices and research institutions to conduct the needs assessment.