INTAD Students Receive AIARD Memberships

Posted: November 20, 2015

The Office of International Programs at Penn State University will sponsor AIARD memberships for students currently enrolled in the International Agriculture and Development (INTAD) dual-title degree program.

 According to the Association of International Agriculture and Rural Development website:

“AIARD is an association of U.S.- and internationally-based members who have devoted their careers to global agricultural development and hunger alleviation.  AIARD members are development professionals from universities, non-governmental organizations, private sector firms, consulting companies, government and donor agencies, and foundations.  The association represents the extensive disciplinary base of agricultural and related social science skills necessary to carry out global agricultural development and hunger alleviation programs.”

The leadership of the College of Agricultural Sciences believes that the mission of the AIARD organization fits well with the programmatic goals of the INTAD program, and appreciate the professional development opportunities the organization provides for students including the Future Leaders Forum.
The INTAD dual-title program currently has an enrollment of 26 students from five primary disciplines in the College of Agricultural Sciences.  The INTAD program was created in 2011, and since that time several INTAD students have participated in the Future Leaders Forum, including Sarah Eissler, last year's recipient of the Future Leaders Forum Scholarship. 

Please note that Penn State does not usually allow the purchase of memberships in professional organizations with university funds.  The purchase of the AIARD memberships for INTAD students is an approved exception to the university policy.