INTAD Student Receives Competitive Grant to Conduct Research in the Northern Andes of Peru

Posted: September 7, 2015

INTAD student interviews school teachers in rural Peru concerning new education policies introduced in 2013.

Carolyn Reyes, a M.S. student in the Rural Sociology and International Agriculture and Development (INTAD) programs received a competitive grant to research and analyze the effectiveness of the incentive programs contained in the Teacher Career Law which was passed in Peru in 2013.

Carolyn had the opportunity to work with local education authorities in Cajamarca, Peru who, as Carolyn attests, were very inviting and interested in her research.  She was able to interview 70 educators from 19 schools in the region.

Ms. Reyes hopes that her analysis of the data that she collected will shed light upon the effectiveness of offering incentive programs on increased educator motivation. In the future, her research may help to recommend policy changes that will increase educator motivation and the quality of education overall.

The INTAD Competitive Grant Program is open to students enrolled in the Penn State University INTAD dual-title degree program to support international research.