General Tips

Learn how to incorporate your international experiences into your resume and interviews.

Resume Tips

Options for formatting your experiences abroad:

Study Abroad (Listed under Education section of resume)

The Pennsylvania State University - University Park, PA                       May 2012

B.S. Agricultural Sciences

University of Florence - Florence, Italy                                                Fall 2011

Completed courses in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Studies

International Service Learning Experience (Education or Experience)

International Service Learning Program - Masaya, Nicaragua                Fall 2010

* If placed under Experience section, then list 1-3 bullet points of relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities used/developed

Internship Abroad (Experience)

International Fund for Agricultural Development - Nairobi, Kenya   Summer 2010

Livestock Intern

List 1-3 bullet points of relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities used/developed

Interview Tips

Employers are looking for students that have experience abroad to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities to work in a global environment. Here are some main points to stress:

  • Foreign language proficiency
  • Adaptability - open mindedness; cultural understanding; tolerance; travel skills; crisis management; problem-solving ability; flexibility/adaptability
  • Independence - increased confidence; initiative; living on one's own; self-budgeting; worth ethic/drive
  • Interpersonal skills - patience; observation skills; attention to local customs, norms, and etiquette; social, political, cultural, and religious sensitivity/awareness; leadership skills; ability to work in a diverse team
  • Time management - balancing work, studies, entertainment, and exploration; if applicable (highlight items such as course load, GPA, hours worked while abroad)

Using the STAR method

When describing your experiences or responding to questions in an interview or even a cover letter, try highlighting your knowledge, skills, and abilities in the context of a challenge.

  • (S)ituation - describe what you faced
  • (T)ask - describe what you wanted to achieve
  • (A)ction - describe what you did
  • (R)esults - describe what happened; how did things turn out? what did you learn? what might you change or do differently in the future?