Frequently asked questions about the International Agriculture and Development (INTAD) graduate dual-title degree program and Penn State.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • How do I apply to the INTAD program?

The INTAD program is a dual-title degree program.  Students must first enroll in a primary participating degree program.  Once the student has begun the primary degree program, they may go through the application process to apply to join INTAD.

  • What is the deadline for application?

INTAD accepts applications at any time.  Students are advised to enroll early in order to ensure that all requirements are met in a timely fashion.  Ph.D. students are advised that they MUST enroll at least one month before the candidacy examination.  After the candidacy examination, Ph.D. candidates may not enroll in the INTAD program.

  • Who is eligible to apply to the INTAD program?

Students enrolled in M.S. or Ph.D. programs in the participating graduate programs may enroll.

  • Do I have to be formally admitted to the program before I can take required courses?

INTAD coursework may be taken at any point during the student's current degree program. 

  • Do courses need to be 500-level to count towards the degree?

No.  There are several INTAD-approved electives offered at the 400-level.

  • Is there assistantship funding available for INTAD students?

The majority of INTAD students are funded through the primary program.  There is very limited funding for INTAD students through the INTAD program.  Students should contact the Office of International Programs for more information.

  • Is there funding to support international research?

Yes.  There is funding available to INTAD students through the INTAD Competitive Grants Program, as well as through the College of Agricultural Sciences Graduate Student Competitive Grant Program (Ph.D. candidates only).  For more information, see the Funding Opportunities website.

  • Does an INTAD faculty member need to be on my committee?

Yes.  If the advisor is not an INTAD faculty member, an INTAD faculty member needs to be appointed as co-chair of the committee.  See the INTAD Handbook for more information.