Master's Degree

Degree requirements for the Master of Science degree with the International Agriculture and Development (INTAD) dual-title.


For the Master of Science degree with the International Agriculture and Development (INTAD) dual-title, students are required to complete a minimum of 12 INTAD course credits (400, 500 and 800) in the following categories:

  • 9 credits in courses from the INTAD M.S. core curriculum
  • 3 credits or equivalent of internationally focused independent study, research, teaching, or internship

Core Curriculum

Committee Composition

The student’s graduate committee must include at least one member from the INTAD graduate faculty in order to satisfy the requirements of the INTAD dual-title degree.

Comprehensive Examination

Students must complete a comprehensive examination that follows their primary program guidelines and reflects both their primary program and the dual-title degree curriculum. A separate comprehensive examination is not required by the INTAD program, but the INTAD representative on the student’s committee must have input into the development of and participate in the evaluation of the comprehensive evaluation.


Students pursuing a Master of Science (M.S.) degree that requires a master’s thesis, in addition to the 12 credits specified above, must write the thesis on a topic that reflects both the graduate program in their primary degree and the dual-title offering in INTAD.

In order to satisfy the INTAD thesis requirement, students may:

  1. conduct all or part of their research in an international location,
  2. conduct an analysis of a subject in an international context,
  3. conduct an analysis of secondary data of international origin, or
  4. incorporate another international dimension by approval of the INTAD committee member.