Students admitted to the doctoral International Agriculture and Development (INTAD) dual-title offering must exhibit high research competence, including the ability to identify, conceptualize, and execute a significant research project that makes a significant addition to the body of knowledge in the field.


For the Doctoral Degree, students are required to complete a minimum of 18 INTAD course credits at the 500-level or above in the following categories:

  • 9 credits from the INTAD Ph.D. core curriculum
  • 6 credits from the INTAD electives
  • 3 credits or equivalent of internationally focused independent study, research, teaching, or internship

Core Curriculum

Candidacy Examination

Candidacy procedures will be based on the procedures of the primary department and will have an international dimension.

Committee Composition

Doctoral committees must include a minimum of four faculty members; i.e. a chair plus at least three additional members with at least one member representing the INTAD Program faculty. If the chair is not an INTAD Program faculty member, the INTAD representative must be the co-chair of the committee. An official "outside member" also must be appointed to the committee.

Comprehensive Examination

Students must complete a comprehensive examination that follows their primary program guidelines and reflects both their primary program and the dual-title degree curriculum. A separate comprehensive examination is not required by the INTAD program, but the INTAD representative on the student's doctoral committee must have input into the development of and participate in the evaluation of the comprehensive evaluation.

Dissertation and Defense

Doctoral students enrolled in the dual-title degree program are required to write and orally defend a dissertation on a topic that reflects their original research in both their primary program and the INTAD dual-title program. The dissertation should contribute to the body of knowledge in international agriculture and development.

In order to satisfy the INTAD dissertation requirement, students may:

  1. conduct all or part of their research in an international location,
  2. conduct an analysis of a subject in an international context,
  3. conduct an analysis of secondary data of international origin, or
  4. incorporate another international dimension by approval of the INTAD committee member.

For INTAD M.S. graduates pursuing the INTAD Ph.D. Degree…

Graduates of the INTAD Master's degree program who wish to pursue an INTAD Doctoral degree must re-apply to the INTAD program for admission. The original 12 INTAD Master's degree credits will be carried over to the doctoral program. Six (6) additional INTAD-approved credits will be required.

Note: INTAD Master's degree graduates are required to take INTAD 820 International Agricultural Development Seminar a second time as doctoral students.

International Programs


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International Programs


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