How to Apply

How can I apply to the INTAD dual-title degree program?

The INTAD dual-title degree is only offered to graduates students enrolled in the the following primary programs (other programs may be added in the future):

Students must first enroll in one of the primary participating programs listed above.  As a prospective student to these participating program, it is highly recommended that students express their interest in the INTAD dual-title as well.  Students may apply to the INTAD dual-title after they are enrolled in the primary degree program.

Application Materials

The application materials consist of the following:

  • Application Form
  • Statement of Purpose describing the student's interest in international agriculture and development, what they hope to accomplish by earning a dual-title degree, and how the dual-degree will help fulfill their professional goals
  • Letter of support/reference from the student's INTAD advisor or another member of the INTAD faculty familiar with the dual-title program

Download an INTAD application packet and begin the application process!

Microsoft Word, 35.5 KB
Microsoft Word, 35.6 KB