Student Experiences

This page will be updated periodically to share the experiences of our students through blogs, travelogues, and/or photos.

Papers, Posters, and Presentations

Paper: Melanie Kammerer, Honor Thesis, with advisors Dr. David Mortensen, PSU, and Dr. Agnes Ricroch, APT, May, 2011: "Field edge plant community diversity in an intensively managed agricultural landscape."

Poster: Phylogenomics and Structural Diversity of Expansion-Like Proteins Associated with the Modification of Plant Cell Walls Joshua Herr, Claire Fourrey, Francis Martin, Nicholas Georgelis, Daniel Cosgrove, John Carlson

Poster: “Exploring the Genome Diversity of Mycorrhizal Fungi-A JGI Sequencing Project Update” Annegret Kohler, Joshua Herr, Emmauelle Morin, Claude Murat, Annick Brun, Claire Venault-Fourrey, David Hibbet, Igor Grigoriev, Francis Martin

Poster: “Understanding the effect of abiotic and biotic stresses and below-ground microbial diversity on sustainable woody biomass cultivated on marginal land”
Joshua Herr, Tyler Wagner, John Carlson

Presentation: Joshua Herr, Uni South Hampton, Nov. 2010 and Dec. 2010 at INRA
“Below Ground Regulation of Stress Response Genes in Hybrid Poplar” 


Semester at AgroParisTech - "La Coccinelle Francaise" (The French Ladybug) - a blog by Katie Szulewski, Entomology


The AgroParisTech Experience: Madeline Beerens, Food Science

U.S. and European Comparative Agriculture: Jena Smolko, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Comparing US/French Agricultural Systems: Austin Snyder, Environmental Resources Management

Comparing US/French Ag Systems - "My Time in Paris": Kristin Shust, Horticulture

Comparison of France and United States Agriculture-Nicole O’Block

Comparing US/French Agriculture: My French Experience, Barbara Jennings

"What I Learned and What I Will Never Forget!" - Andrew Schlegel

INTAG 497A - France: Stephanie D. Beeman