Undergraduate Opportunities

Penn State students at the University of Sao Paulo

Penn State students at the University of Sao Paulo

US undergraduate students interested in studying on the SUSPROT program have a few options available to them. 

Beginning in Spring 2010, an annual short-term (10-12 day) study tour travels to our partner universities in Brazil to learn about Brazilian sustainable agricultural and environmental management strategies on crops such as citrus, sugarcane, and soybean.  For more information, please see the study tour flyer or contact Melanie Gilbert.

Additionally, if you're an undergraduate with a specific research interest, we may be able to create an opportunity for you to travel to Brazil to conduct in-depth, hands-on research tailored to your interests.  For more information on this opportunity, please talk to your faculty adviser or contact Deanna Behring (for Penn State students) or Dr. Walter Leal (for University of California-Davis students). 

If you are an undergraduate student from a Brazilian partnership university (UFPR or USP), please contact Dr. Paulo Zarbin or Dr. Mauricio Bento to learn about opportunities to complete an internship at one of our US partner institutions!