The GEARE initiative offers training workshops related to gender-integrated research and outreach for a variety of organizations. These trainings are designed to be tailored to the organization's needs, highly participatory and interactive. If you are interested in partnering to provide gender training for your organization, please contact us.

Through the GRIT project, Penn State faculty conduct intensive three-week training related to gender research, theory and applied methods. For multiple years, our initiative has hosted multiple cohorts of post-doctoral scholars and researchers at Penn State for this in-depth workshop. Penn State faculty also conducted a condensed version of the GRIT program in-country, with the first occuring in Ethiopia in 2018 following the CGIAR's Collaborative Platform for Gender Research Annual Scientific Meeting.

Faculty conducted a three-day workshop titled, "Integrating Gender Research Methods in Practice" with Oxfam America researchers in Washington, D.C.. Supporting Oxfam's strategic plan to prioritize gender, Penn State faculty shared content related to gender theory and methodology as well as a facilitated discussion applying gender to Oxfam's research.