The Enhanced Refugee Security: Designs for Improved Nutrition and Reduced Energy Poverty project received funding from the Center for Security Research and Education Grant Program (CSRE, Penn State) in 2018.

Penn State's Gender Equity through Agriculture Research and Education (GEARE) Initiative will fund an interdisciplinary cohort of Ph.D. students to address gendered aspects of resilience and agriculture led growth in the fields of Rural Sociology, Plant Science, and Entomology and with participation in the dual-title program in International Agriculture & Development.

A Gender Integration Workshop was organized by the Penn State Gender Initiative in collaboration with BioInnovate Africa. The workshop focused on gender integration for BioInnovate’s projects that support biological technologies that are transitioning to the market in Eastern Africa.

Penn State has been awarded funds to partner with the CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network to strengthen research capacity on gender, enhance the quality of gender research in CGIAR, provide strategies for interdisciplinary collaboration, and increase publication in high quality journals with the ultimate goals of providing benefits to poor rural women and men and empowering women and girls.

With funding from Virginia Tech, Penn State researchers are investigating the barriers that women face in participating in and fairly benefiting from the value chains for food products; how agricultural education institutions and curricula can be used to educate about these challenges; and how they can be overcome, all with an eye toward promoting full, fair, meaningful and sustainable participation of women in these value chains.

With funding from the USAID-supported Sustainable Intensification Innovation Lab, the WAgN Cambodia project will empower women and improve nutrition by promoting women's participation in the value chains for horticulture crops produced via sustainable intensification practices.

With funding from the USAID-support Horticulture Innovation Lab at UC-Davis, CAS researchers are using a gendered economy perspective to understand and promote the participation of women in the horticulture value chain in western Honduras.