Gender+ Atelier

On June 19-20, 2017, the Office of International Programs hosted the Gender+ Atelier, as the second iteration of the Gender, Agriculture, Energy, and Environment Symposium. The Atelier focused on building on partnerships between faculty across the university and outside research organizations to creatively address thematic areas by collaborating on proposals for funding.
Working groups discuss thematic topics for external funding

Working groups discuss thematic topics for external funding

Presentations at the Gender+ Atelier included discussions of seed funding options, national and international funders and their upcoming strategies and opportunities presented by the Global Food Security Act.  Presenters included Sheila Roquitte, Director of Agriculture Research and Policy, Bureau of Food Security, United States International Agency for Development, Kimberly Pfiefer, Head of Research, Oxfam America, and Rhiannon Pyburn, Senior Advisor, Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) and CGIAR.  The funding discussion included comments from Janelle Larson, PI of the WAgN: Honduras project, and Rick Bates, PI of the WAgN: Cambodia project.  Additional presentations included seed funding options from Leif Jensen, Assistant Director of SSRI, and Lara Fowler, Assistant Director of IEE, as well as a panel of flashtalks by seven of the CGIAR visiting scholars. 

As was the case last year, the emphasis remained on including gender in transdisciplinary research approaches and applied problem solving. Scholars from all disciplines and methodological specializations were welcome to participate.

Participants worked together intensively with fellow scholars from across Penn State and other organizations including the CGIAR to develop research plans and funding strategies around a series of five key topic areas. The issues selected emerged from last year's discussions and now include the following:

1. Forced and Labor Migration
2. Livelihoods
3. Value Chains
4. Energy Access
5. Agriculture and Science and Technology

Purpose: To catalyze funded research projects among Penn State researchers, including those in collaboration with CGIAR and other key partners


  • Build on last year’s Gender, Agriculture and Environment Symposium
  • Provide space for co-creating project ideas for collaboration, modalities of the collaboration, and resources involved
  • Establish working groups to pursue specific initiatives 

Images of the Gender+ Atelier, held at the Hintz Family Alumni Center, Penn State, June 19-20, 2017.