Keynote Presentations

Keynote presentations at the inaugural symposium covered the cross-cutting thematic areas of gender research, gender and agriculture, gender and climate change, and gender and water
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Opening remarks by Dr. Jacqui Ashby, CGIAR, titled "Gender and the Impact Pathway of Agricultural Research and Development: Research Needs and Strategies"

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Dr. Margaret Alston, Monash University, delivered a keynote address titled, "The gendered impacts of slow onset and catastrophic climate events: case studies from the global South"

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Dr. Ruth Meinzen-Dick, IFPRI, addresses the symposium theme in a keynote address titled, "Gender, Agriculture, and Environment: From 'Zombie Facts' to Evidence"

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Dr. Joni Seager, Professor of Geography at Bentley University, discussed the theme of Gender and Water in a lively discussion titled, "Not asking, not counting: Making gendered-environmental relations invisible"