Graduate Assistants and Fellows

The College of Ag is a decentralized grad unit.

Some colleges and units with large graduate assistant populations - referred to as "decentralized grad units" - will continue to provide onboarding within the departments rather than sending the grad assistants to HR Shared Services. 

Grad Decentralized InterimThe College of Ag has been identified a decentralized grad unit. The PowerPoint "HR Shared Services Launch - Wage-Grad Processoutlines our responsibilities for the interim period (July 24 – December 9) leading up to the implementation of Workday on December 10 and beyond. During the interim period of July 24 – December 9, we will, essentially, continue to operate “business as usual” as it relates to IBIS input and onboarding for the identified areas.

Please note, however, that background checks are to be requested by the department graduate program support staff. This is done by submitting the Background Check form, which is located on the Penn State Human Resources homepage under the “Manager Tools” tab at the top. As the form indicates, if a batch of background checks for an incoming group of graduate students is being requested, a spreadsheet can be used.

Grad DecentralizationEffective December 10, HR Shared Services will take ownership of entering grad appointments in Workday, but units will continue to retain onboarding responsibilities on an indefinite basis, as outlined in this document. Please feel free to contact the appropriate HR Consultant if you have questions or need clarification on the decentralized grad process.