Information for Extension Educators

Please know that changes are being made to the employment conditions for Extension Educators, effective January 1, 2019. An FAQ regarding these changes can be found here.

TIME WORKED. Extension Educators are classified as exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act. As such, time worked does not need to be recorded or tracked within Workday (unless it is time worked on a holiday or campus closure – see below).

PAID TIME OFF. Extension Educators will follow policy HR34 and accrue vacation time. Additionally, sick time will be accrued for those individuals hired after October 1, 1992. Individuals hired prior to October 1, 1992, will follow the conditions of the former sick leave plan.

Holiday and Campus Closure. Exempt employees need to record time worked through a holiday and through a campus closure. If an employee works on a holiday or campus closure at the request and approval of his/her supervisor, compensatory time is earned. If this situation arises, please talk with your supervisor and HR.

Extension employees follow either the county holiday schedule or the University holiday schedule. Generally speaking, Extension Educators follow the county holiday schedule, but should confirm with his/her ADP and talk with the county’s Business Operations Manager to identify what official holidays are observed. Updates to policy HR34 ( will be provided in January. For those employees following the county holiday schedule, six standard holidays will be observed (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor day, Thanksgiving Day, December 25) and six additional holidays will be taken in accordance with the various county schedules (e.g. MLK Day, Veteran’s Day, President’s Day). This will ensure every employee has 12 paid holidays. If a county office is closed for other reasons and the facilities cannot be accessed by employees to complete the necessary work (weather, voting, etc.), it might be appropriate to record that time as a closure (with supervisor approval).

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Changes to the Employment Conditions of Extension Educators, effective January 1, 2019