About the Program

Successful graduates of the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment Program (HDNRE) dual-title intercollege degree program will work in an transdisciplinary environment.

Admission Requirements

To pursue a dual-title intercollege degree under this program, the student must first apply and be admitted through one of the existing graduate programs that offers the dual-title degree in HDNRE.

Adrian Benedetti

Ph.D. Candidate in RPTM and HDNRE

Alexander Metcalf

Assistant Research Professor, Assistant Director College of Forestry and Conservation University of Montana

Amelia Blenderman

M.S. Recreation, Park and Tourism Management and HDNRE

Andrea Ferich

M.S. Candidate in Forest Resources and HDNRE


College of Liberal Arts


College of Arts and Architecture

Austin Barrett

Data analyst, United Housing Connections, Greenville, SC

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Bradley Woods

Associate Director, Research Integrity and Compliance Review Office, Colorado State University

Brandon Green

Analyst, Division of Analysis, Evaluation and Quality; Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality; Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; Rockville, MD

Brian Wolyniak

Urban Forestry Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Cara M. Raboanarielina

Coordinator, RAP/Social Scientist, African Rice Center

Chloe McGuire

Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology and HDNRE

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Cynthia Longmire

Human Dimensions Specialist, South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks

Daniel Kunches

Ph.D. Candidate. Geography and HDNRE

Daniel Lowenstein

Owner, Redtail Forestry and Wildlife Management

Degree Requirements

To qualify for a dual-title intercollege degree, students must satisfy the requirements of the major program in which they are enrolled, including the communication/foreign language requirements, if any.

Elizabeth A. Covelli Metcalf

Associate Professor. Parks Tourism and Recreation Management, College of Forestry and Conservation, University of Montana

Elyzabeth Engle

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD

Emeritus Faculty
Emily Osborn

Recreation Supervisor for the town of Buena Vista, Colorado

Energy and Mineral Engineering

College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Eric Larson

Social Scientist, Social and Economic Analysis Branch, U.S. Geological Survey (Fort Collins, CO)

Forest Resources

College of Agricultural Sciences

Forrest Schwartz

Post-doc in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management Department, Penn State University


College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Grace Wildermuth

M.S. Rural Sociology and HDNRE