Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Panfish Enhancement Regulation Program Study

This project is focused on the effects of the changes made in the late 1990s by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission on several lakes in the Commonwealth to enhance panfish numbers and size.

Angler interviews from 1996-1998 and in 2008 surveyed angler sentiment toward regulation changes, catch rates, and panfish size. In the 2008 interview round, human dimensions data was collected to gain a better understanding of the state's anglers. This project is exploring 1) differences between catch and keep and catch and release anglers and how this impacts satisfaction; 2) differences between those who live near the survey lake and those who live further away; 3) differences between different demographic categories in terms of satisfaction; and 4) the future of angling in the state in terms of peer mentoring of youth anglers.

Diefenbach, Finley, Luloff, Weigle