Emeritus Faculty

  • Associate Professor Emeritus of Anthropology


Research Interests: Human evolutionary ecology; conservation ecology; tropical forest subsistence systems; primitive war; human reproductive strategies especially partible paternity; lowland South American peoples. Currently visiting Professor at the University of Utah.

  • Distinguished Professor Emerita

Research Interests: Impacts of economic-social-environmental and policy change on human well-being; decision-making behaviors; food security; sustainable agricultural practice implementation and policy; human health and disease dynamics; labor utilization.

  • Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
  • Swine Management

Research Interests: Extension and resident education; swine management.

  • Professor of Geography


Research Interests: Environmental Systems and Policy, Resource management; water resources; global change; Africa; Eastern Europe

  • Professor Emeritus of Rural Sociology

Research Interests: Impacts of social change on the natural and human resource bases of communities; land cover and land use change at the rural-urban fringe; impact of rural development policy on small and rural communities; survey research methods.

Areas of Expertise:
  • mixed-methods research
  • human dimensions of natural resources
  • rural community development
  • survey research
  • Professor Emeritus of Forest Biometrics


Research Interests: Forest biometrics; remote sensing; quantitative landscape ecology; spatial analysis; geographic information systems; multivariate statistics; artificial intelligence; natural resource sustainability; international forestry.

  • Professor Emeritus of Wildlife Resources


Research Interests: Wildlife ecology; wildlife damage management; environmental education; and human dimensions of natural resources.

  • Professor Emeritus of Fuel Science


Research Interests: Chemistry of coal and coal-derived materials, properties of coal ash slags, synthetic liquid and gaseous fuels from coal, carbon materials from coals.