2016 Graduate and Undergraduate Expo Award Winners

On March 28, 2016, 80 research posters were presented by graduate and undergraduate students from all academic units in the College of Agricultural Sciences at the 22nd Annual Gamma Sigma Delta Research Expo. Awards totaling $3,900 were determined by 36 judges and presented at the College of Agricultural Sciences and Gamma Sigma Delta Celebration of Excellence Ceremony on March 30th in 112 Forest Resources Building.

Our chapter, along with generous support from the Gerald T. Gentry Endowment for Graduate Education, Evans Family Endowment, and Resident Education office of the College, provided for student awards at the Research Expo provided over $5,250 for the GSD Research Expo. Dr. John Tooker, Immediate Past President organized event. Many thanks to John, the student presenters and the 36 judges for making the 2016 Expo a rewarding and successful event. Below are the award winners.

Undergraduate Human-Related Systems

1st Place:      Gabrielle Lenart,  Food Science; Advisor Dr. John Hayes

2nd Place:     Kris Murray, Animal Science; Advisor Dr. Burt Staniar

3rd Place:      Samuel Watson, Food Science; Advisor Dr. Cathy Cutter

Undergraduate Animal-Related Systems

1st Place:      David Peterson,  Entomology; Advisor Dr. Jason Rasgon

2nd Place:     Elizabeth Palmer, Animal Science; Advisor Dr. Burt Staniar

3rd Place:      Maura Carr, Animal Science; Advisor Dr. Burt Staniar

Undergraduate Plant- and Environmental-Related Systems

1st Place:      Sara McTish, Entomology; Advisor Dr. John Tooker

2nd Place:     Cullen Dixon, Plant Sciences; Advisor Dr. Surinder Chopra

3rd Place:      Vincent Mele, Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology;                      Advisor Dr. Tim McNellis

4th Place:      Lalita Limichart, Plant Sciences; Advisor Dr. Mary Ann Bruns

Graduate Agricultural Education and International Agriculture

1st Place:      Kaila Thorn, Ag. Economics, Sociology, and                                                 Education; Advisor Dr. Rama Radhakrishna

2nd Place:     Erika Pioltine Anseloni, Ag. Economics, Sociology, and                                 Education; Advisor Drs. Mark Brennan and Ted Alter

Graduate Biological Sciences

1st Place:      Freddy Magdama, Plant Pathology and Environmental                                   Microbiology; Advisor Dr. Maria del Mar Jimenez-Gasco 

2nd Place:     Minerva Rivera, Food Science; Advisor Dr. Cathy Cutter 

3rd Place:      Shelly Whitehead, Entomology; Advisor Dr. Matt Thomas

4th Place:      Flor Edith Acevedo, Entomology; Advisor Dr. Gary Felton

Graduate Environmental and Natural Resources Sciences

1st Place:      Katherine Caswell, Plant Science; Advisor Dr. Bill Curran

Graduate Physical and Engineering Sciences

1st Place:      Yanqi Qu, Food Science; Advisors Drs. John Coupland and Ryan                     Elias

Graduate Social Sciences

1st Place:      Kelsey Tenney, Food Science; Advisor Dr. John Coupland