Awards for Excellence in Extension, Teaching, and Research.

The Outstanding Teaching Award

The Outstanding Teaching Award was presented to Dr. Wakar Uddin (center). Dr. Uddin is considered one of the most outstanding, progressive and effective teachers in the department of Plant Pathology. He is a nationally recognized expert on turfgrass diseases and has developed several courses and teaching modules on the diagnosis and management of these problems. Dr. Uddin sets high standards and the students know what is expected of them. However, he is always available to provide direction, help, and motivation when needed. He always encourages his students to work to their full potential and in many cases it is clear that students did not know what their full potential was until they were challenged in his class. Dr. Uddin is very progressive with regard to the use of new teaching delivery systems. He is one of the pioneers in the World Campus Distance Education Program and has developed an on line course that is attended by students across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia each year.

The Outstanding Extension Educator Award

The Outstanding Extension Educator award was presented to Dr. Timothy Kelsey (left). Dr. Kelsey’s extension programs have primarily dealt with community and local government issues. His work embodies the best traditions of Penn State’s Land Grant Mission. His work is research-based. It seeks to educate, not indoctrinate. Its goal is to build the human capital of public officials and citizens so they can deal effectively and democratically with practical problems. His programs have largely focused on five major areas: land use issues and the impacts of change, governance education for local officials, farm-nonfarm issues and the future of agriculture in the state, local taxation and tax reform issues, and implications of natural gas development in the Marcellus Shale region. In addition, he has provided state-wide leadership for Cooperative Extension’s community and economic development activities as State Program Leader.

The Outstanding Research Award

The Outstanding Research Award was presented to Dr.Ted Alter (right) Dr. Alter’s distinguished research record in policy-relevant issues associated with rural communities, natural resources, and economic development has extended and enhanced scholarly work and set the standard for rigorous and insightful analysis in these areas. His ongoing research focusing on the interplay of social capital, information technology, and entrepreneurship on economic development and his comparative analysis of rural policy issues has been instrumental in bringing new perspectives to understanding and facilitating directed change in small towns and rural communities in Pennsylvania, across the U.S., and abroad. His extensive experience as an administrator, his exceptional scholarly knowledge and creative vision, his unusual ability to bring together partners with diverse perspectives, skills, and interests for collaborative work, inform and enhance his research and scholarly efforts.

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