Posted: June 30, 2021

Revised Timeline for Proposal Submission

3+ Weeks Before Deadline

  • PI notifies OGC of intent to submit proposal
  • PI requests information from subcontractors
  • PI obtains/collects letter of support/approvals for cost share
  • PI submits F&A waiver request to OGC, if applicable
  • PI provides OGC with draft budget
  • OGC reviews proposal guidelines and shares info with PI
  • OGC provides internal, first draft budget

2 Weeks Before Deadline

  • PI and OGC approve budget and justification
  • OGC prepares and routes Internal Approval Farm (IAF)
  • To secure a spot in submission queue, PI provides OGC with:
    • Final files required per guidelines, not including narrative, abstract, and bibliography and references cited
    • Approved match requests
    • Approved F&A waiver, if applicable
  • OGC, once PI secures spot in submission queue will:
    • Build and review application kit and recommend edits
    • Begin compliance review process: COl, human subs, animal research, international activities, biohazards, etc.

1 Week Before Deadline

  • PI will ensure IAF is approved by PI, co-PIs, Department heads, research deans
  • OGC will perform final review of all application components and provide feedback/request for corrections

3 Days Before Deadline

  • Proposal is complete and Final Review complete
  • PI will review final proposal and provide confirmation that the proposal is correct and ready for submission
  • Grant submitted to sponsor

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