Posted: July 31, 2019

Full proposals due August 8, 2019

This program area priority calls for research projects that focus on improvement in ecosystem system health and productivity in managed natural systems (forests, grasslands, rangelands) that are currently under stress and at risk from pests, pathogens, invasive plants, and increased environmental pressures. This priority area calls for research projects that will lead to one or more of the specific program goals listed: a) foundational research to advance scientific understanding of processes and interactions, and/or b) the assessment and development of new management or conservation practices with a focus on ecosystem services and/or processes. The project should lead to substantial improvements in soil health (microbiome, water, nutrients, carbon, chemicals of environmental concern, etc.) or improved ecosystem services in managed natural and agricultural systems by addressing the impacts of changes in management practices on agricultural, forest, grass, and range lands at local and landscape scales. Applicants may focus on the interactions between the social and human dimensions with environmental and economic dimensions. Proposed projects that are primarily fundamental science must explain how a better understanding of the fundamental processes will help sustain ecosystem services or help inform actions to achieve improved efficiencies and diminished negative impacts on natural resources.

To enable development and evaluation of innovative management practices and novel systems to maintain or improve productivity while enhancing ecosystem services, applications may address one of the following:

  • Connection of ecosystem health to production system functionality, productivity, socioeconomic viability, sustainability, biodiversity and the production of other ecosystem services; or
  • New approaches that significantly increase ecosystem health and resilience along with the output or value of more than one ecosystem service, each compared with the current management system for the region.

Read the full RFP here (see especially pp. 47-48)

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