Posted: July 22, 2020

Applications due September 14, 2020

This funding opportunity is provided to carry out the NADPRP as described in Section 12101 of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (aka “2018 Farm Bill"). Through the NADPRP program, APHIS provides funds to support high-value projects that will help prevent the introduction and spread of foreign and emerging animal diseases that threaten U.S. agriculture. Each year, APHIS makes funding available to support projects in priority areas of animal disease preparedness and response that are identified via consultation with eligible entities and stakeholders. Additional details about the program are available on the USDA APHIS NADPRP website.

APHIS will make available up to $15 million in funds to be divided between the NADPRP and NAHLN, with a target of $10 million in funds to NADPRP. In this funding opportunity, the NADPRP is seeking proposals for projects that will (1) advance capabilities and capacities related to rapid large-scale animal depopulation and carcass disposal in a high-consequence animal disease outbreak, or (2) enhance U.S. livestock biosecurity.

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