Posted: December 20, 2019

Apply through InfoReady by March 15, 2020

University of Auckland – Penn State University

2020 Collaboration Seed Fund

Request for Proposals

Penn State and the University of Auckland are seeking proposals to foster collaborative, sustainable, self-supporting research and education/teaching programs. The 2020 Collaboration Development Fund will provide seed monies to faculty groups for up to 18 months of what is expected to become long-term collaborative programs integrating academics and students from both universities. Proposals are expected to focus upon program development and not immediate academic outcomes.

Desired Outcome Research:

  • The desired program outcome is the submission of external funding applications to produce sustainable and productive collaborations
  • Leverage complementary capabilities of the universities to create research opportunities not possible without the partnership

Desired Outcome Education/Teaching:

  • Deliver a pilot offering with students at both universities
  • Upon assessment and modification, become an integral educational component of existing programs
  • Leverage complementary academic capabilities of the universities to create learning opportunities not possible without the partnership

This competitive program is open to faculty members affiliated with Auckland and Penn State in all disciplines.

Collaboration Development Fund Overview

  • Up to eight awards are expected to be made.
  • It is a one-time award with no opportunity for renewal.
  • A 25% cost share is required from the Penn State and Auckland home units.
  • A maximum of NZ$20,000 may be requested. Lower amounts may be requested for projects requiring less funding.
  • Example project funding distribution for a NZ$20,000 proposal:


Auckland Unit/Faculty

Penn State Global Programs

Penn State Unit


(25%) Total

(25%) Total

(25%) Total

(25%) Total


NZ$ 5,000.00

NZ$ 5,000.00

NZ$ 5,000.00

NZ$ 5,000.00

NZ$ 20,000.00

  • The seed grant funds cannot be used for faculty salary or stipend, indirect/administrative costs, to hire a consultant or contractor, or for general equipment expenses (laptops, iPads, printers, etc.). Please inquire with your university contact for clarification if an expense is allowable.
  • Allowable expenses include travel, lab supplies and other expenditures in support of the long-term project development.
  • After research grant selections are finalized and if the team desires, the Penn State Schreyer Honors College will coordinate undergraduate researchers to work on the program at no cost.


To be eligible for support:

  1. Applications are open to all Auckland academics.
  2. Applications are open to all Penn State full time faculty.
  3. Each proposal requires a minimum of one academic from both Penn State and the University of Auckland.

Proposal Evaluation

  1. A panel of faculty and administrators from Penn State and Auckland will evaluate and select the projects to be funded.
  2. Funding priority will be given to projects that:
    • Are of high academic quality
    • Advance a self-supporting collaborative research concept with the potential to produce scholarship of high academic value over at least a 5-year timeframe.
    • Strengthen the connectivity and relationship between Auckland and Penn State in the research or educational domain
    • Create a team with multiple faculty and students at each university.

The Evaluation Criteria and Weighting

  1. A viable strategy to create a self-supporting, sustainable research or education/teaching collaboration after the seed money expires (50%)
  2. Academic excellence and merit (25%)
  3. Project idea, quality and societal impact and/or potential to create an exemplary integrated collaborative learning environment between the universities (25%)

Proposal Format

  1. Complete the Collaboration Development Fund application form.
  2. The appendix should include:
    • 1-page CV of each project faculty (participants)
    • Letter/email from a Penn State unit confirming cost sharing match.
    • Letter/email from Auckland Faculty Dean confirming cost sharing match.
    • For education/teaching projects: the program's intention to offer the collaborative learning activity in future years.
  3. Combine all documents into one pdf
  4. Submit through InfoReady:

Key Dates

  1. Proposal submission due: March 15, 2020
  2. Anticipated award announcement: April 15, 2020
  3. Final Report submission due: October 31, 2021


It is highly recommended that researchers interested in this program should please contact the Penn State/ Auckland coordinators in advance to preparing an application.

Project coordinator at Penn State University:

Alexandra Persiko, Global Programs

+1 814-867-5941

Project coordinator at the University of Auckland:

Thomas Hoaglund, International Office

+64 9 373 7599 ext. 88840

Office of Grants and Contracts


107 Ag Administration Building
University Park, PA 16802