Posted: July 31, 2019

Full proposal due May 20, 2020

This program area addresses critical challenges and opportunities that research and extension, together, can address to improve our nation's agricultural and food systems. Despite prior investments in basic and applied research, critical problems continue to impede the efficient production of agriculturally-important plants and animals, for producing safe and nutritious foods, and to meet environmental challenges for agriculture. These problems may be local, regional, or national, and may call for work focused on one or more scientific disciplines. However, all need immediate attention to meet producer and consumer needs. Finding and implementing solutions to these critical problems require partnership and close coordination among researchers, extension experts, and practitioners in food and agricultural enterprises. Funded projects are expected to produce results that lead to practices, tools, and technologies that are rapidly adopted by end-users.

This program area priority is designed to support integrated activities based on rigorous research combined with effective extension and involvement of stakeholders to develop and rapidly apply new knowledge or practices resulting in improved well-being of the people, communities, plants, and animals involved in, and affected by, agriculture and food-production systems.

The program area priority seeks applications that:

  • Focus on a clear, time-sensitive, stakeholder-identified need or problem for agriculture;
  • Explain the magnitude (e.g., unexpected losses of income or employment, acres affected, estimated or actual economic costs to specified agricultural or food system, private industry, land owners, rural communities, adverse effects on the environment, risk of disease or illnesses) of the problem and the rationale for targeting it;
  • Describe a meaningful approach for blending research and extension expertise and other outreach and implementation approaches throughout the project to address principal objectives; • Provide evidence that the project is aligned to priorities listed above;
  • State expected solutions or improvements and how these will be assessed and measured;
  • Address the potential cost of a proposed solution and describe how it can be scaled to be sustainable in the short term and long term; and
  • Explain how the project will strengthen agricultural and food-production systems and how results will be adopted or applied at a local, regional, or national level.

Each application must address one or more of the six priorities for AFRI: A. Plant health and Production and Plant Products; B. Animal Health and Production and Animal Products; C. Food Safety, Nutrition, and Health; D. Bioenergy, Natural Resources, and Environment; E. Agriculture Systems and Technology; and F. Agriculture Economics and Rural Communities.

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