Posted: August 12, 2019

Full proposal target date September 9, 2019 and February 10, 2020

The Science of Science & Innovation Policy (SciSIP) program supports research designed to advance the scientific basis of science and innovation policy. The program funds research to develop models, analytical tools, data and metrics that can be applied in the science policy decision making process and concern the use and allocation of scarce scientific resources. For example, research proposals may develop behavioral and analytical conceptualizations, frameworks or models that have applications across the broad array of science and innovation policy challenges. Proposals also may develop methodologies to analyze science, technology and innovation data, and to usefully convey that information to a variety of audiences. Proposals that create and improve science, engineering and innovation data, including the design of new metrics and indicators, particularly proposals that demonstrate the viability of collecting and analyzing data on knowledge generation and innovation in organizations, are encouraged.

The SciSIP program welcomes individual or multi-investigator research projects, doctoral dissertation research improvement grants, experimental research, and data collection and dissemination. The SciSIP program also places a high priority on interdisciplinary research and on broadening participation. It encourages proposals from junior faculty, women, and underrepresented minorities, Research Undergraduate Institutions (RUI), and EPSCoR states.

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