Posted: September 5, 2018

The due date for any proposal is the due date for submission to that program in that division; direct access to those Program Descriptions are available through the URL listed below.

Program Synopsis

Advanced computational infrastructure and the ability to perform large-scale simulations and accumulate massive amounts of data have revolutionized scientific and engineering disciplines. The goal of the CDS&E program is to identify and capitalize on opportunities for major scientific and engineering breakthroughs through new computational and data analysis approaches. The intellectual drivers may be in an individual discipline or they may cut across more than one discipline in various Directorates. The key identifying factor is that the outcome relies on the development, adaptation, and utilization of one or more of the capabilities offered by advancement of both research and infrastructure in computation and data, either through cross-cutting or disciplinary programs.

The CDS&E program welcomes proposals in any area of research supported through the participating divisions that address at least one of the following criteria:

· Promote the creation, development, and application of the next generation of mathematical, computational and statistical theories and tools that are essential for addressing the challenges presented to the scientific and engineering communities by the ever-expanding role of computational modeling and simulation and the explosion and production of digital experimental and observational data.

· Promote and encourage integrated research projects that create, develop and apply novel computational, mathematical and statistical methods, algorithms, software, data curation, analysis, visualization and mining tools to address major, heretofore intractable questions in core science and engineering disciplines, including large-scale simulations and analysis of large and heterogeneous collections of data.

· Encourage adventurous ideas that generate new paradigms and that create and apply novel techniques, generating and utilizing digital data in innovative ways to complement or dramatically enhance traditional computational, experimental, observational, and theoretical tools for scientific discovery and application.

· Encourage ideas at the interface between scientific frameworks, computing capability, measurements and physical systems that enable advances well beyond the expected natural progression of individual activities, including development of science-driven algorithms to address pivotal problems in science and engineering and efficient methods to access, mine, and utilize large data sets.

The CDS&E program is not intended to replace existing programs that make awards that involve computation and the analysis of large data sets. Rather, the CDS&E program is meant to fund awards that have a significant component of cyber development or cyber science that goes well beyond what would normally be included in these programs. PIs should ask for consideration and review as a CDS&E proposal only if the proposal addresses at least one of these additional cyber components. Any proposal submitted to the CDS&E program that does not satisfy at least one of the additional criteria listed above will be reviewed within the context of the individual program. A proposal that is requesting consideration within the context of CDS&E should begin the title with the identifying acronym "CDS&E:"

For more details, visit the NSF Program website for CDS&E

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