Posted: March 19, 2020

Proposals Due May 22, 2020

Given the multi-state components required for these grants submissions, the Office of Grants and Contracts requests that you submit your Notice of Intents no later than Friday, April 10, 2020.  Extra time is needed to collect, coordinate and review grant materials from partner organizations.

The NCSRP is seeking collaborative multi-state and multi-disciplinary soybean research project renewal requests and new proposals for funding to begin on October 1, 2020. The NCSRP Board will fund research projects that address their goals to increase soybean grower productivity and profitability while improving environmental stewardship. The NCSRP will fund both applied and basic research, and the communication of research results, to provide short- and long-term practical benefits to Midwestern soybean producers. Projects must logically fit into one of these key research areas:

  • Soybean yield and quality/composition enhancement through classical and molecular breeding to increase genetic yield potential (genetic gain) and yield stability via gene discovery and germplasm development, while maintaining or improving soybean quality and composition, for the North Central Region.
  • Basic and applied research directed at soybean disease, nematode, insect pest and abiotic stress biology, management and yield loss mitigation, including new and emerging threats, of consistent or potentially significant economic impact across the North Central Region.
  • Management of weeds and weed resistance to herbicides for species of common occurrence and threat across the North Central Region.
  • Soybean production practices, crop management and conservation through on-farm research and similar for increased yields, quality, composition and profitability in an environmentally sustainable manner. This may include basic and applied research that addresses soybean response to water, nutrients and water quality, climate, soil and environmental conditions specific to the North Central Region.

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