Posted: July 20, 2020

Applications Due October 2, 2020

The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to promote innovative research on music and health with an emphasis on developing music interventions aimed at understanding their mechanisms of action and clinical applications for the treatment of many diseases, disorders, and conditions. Given the emphasis on innovation, little or no preliminary data are needed to apply under this FOA. Because of the need for a multidisciplinary approach, collaborations among basic researchers, translational science researchers, music intervention experts, other clinical researchers, music health professionals, and technology development researchers are encouraged. The FOA utilizes a phased R61/R33 funding mechanism to support mechanistic research and to evaluate the clinical relevance of music interventions. The R61 phase will provide funding to either investigate the biological mechanisms or behavioral processes underlying music interventions in relevant animal models, healthy human subjects, and/or clinical populations, or can be used to develop innovative technology or approaches to enhance music intervention research. The second R33 phase will provide support for further mechanistic investigations in human subjects or animal models, intervention development, or pilot clinical studies. The pilot clinical studies may focus on intervention optimization/refinement, feasibility, adherence, and/or identification of appropriate outcome measures to inform future clinical research. Transition from the R61 to the R33 phase of the award will depend on successful completion of pre-specified milestones established in the R61.

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