Posted: March 13, 2020

Letter of Intent due 30 days prior to application; Application due August 11, 2020

The emphasis of the NIAMS Resource-based Center Program is to improve access to critical research infrastructure, shared facilities, services, and resources.  Each Center will contain one or more Resource Core(s) that serve a strong research community. For the purposes of this particular announcement, the research community is defined as those investigators (and their funded projects) who will use Center resources for research within the focus of the Center which should be within the NIAMS mission. Successful Resource-based Centers are expected to expand the chosen field(s), provide new research opportunities, and increase the efficiency and impact of research due to resource access.

The focus of the Center is determined by the Program Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI) and may encompass basic, translational, and/or clinical research. For this particular announcement, the Center focus is restricted to skin biology and/or disease research areas within the NIAMS mission. Applications that are not within the NIAMS mission or not focused on skin biology and/or disease research will be deemed not responsive to this FOA and will not be reviewed. The focus of the Center may be very broad, e.g. skin biology and/or diseases research in general, and serve a diverse group of investigators that share the need for critical shared core services. Alternatively, a Center may have a narrow disease or biology focus or theme. In some cases, the relevant research community may share a highly specialized resource such as a well-defined patient cohort with associated patient data and biospecimens and/or may share a need for highly specialized technologies and services (e.g. single cell analysis or computational biology and machine learning). However, in all cases the focus of the Center must be within the NIAMS mission. Applications solely focused on clinical methodology core(s) supporting outcomes, epidemiology, clinical trials, and/or health services research exclusively are not responsive to the goals of this FOA and will not be reviewed. Potential PDs/PIs are strongly encouraged to contact the Scientific/Research Contact listed in Section VII. Agency Contacts early in the application planning process to discuss the NIAMS mission relevance and FOA responsiveness.

It has become increasingly common and practical for investigators at different institutions to collaborate to achieve common goals. Therefore, to facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary research, resources and investigators may be distributed at different institutions and different geographic regions, particularly for resources that do not need to be duplicated at every research site. Similarly, the research community may be defined at the national, regional, or local institutional level, and may include foreign collaborators.

The NIAMS Resource-based Centers will provide support for:

  • One or more Resource Cores
  • An Administrative Core, that includes a Center Enrichment Program

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