Posted: July 30, 2019

Letter of Intent due September 30, 2019; Full proposal due October 30, 2019

The overall objective of this initiative is to delineate 1) how and why the microbiome composition and functions change with aging and 2) how age-related microbiome alterations affect an individual's health status and, conversely, how the presence of age-related conditions and diseases affect the composition of the microbiome. Its ultimate goal is to identify targets for interventions (diet, drugs, or live organisms) designed to promote healthy aging. Applications are to focus on studies that characterize age-related alterations of the microbiome in various tissues, including the intestinal tract, urogenital tract, lung, oral cavity, and skin, and the influence these changes have on the initiation and progression of various age-related pathologies and conditions, with the exception of malignancies and/or neurodegenerative diseases. Consultation with NIA staff is strongly encouraged prior to the submission of an application.

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