Posted: March 18, 2020

Letter of Intent due Sept 1, 2020; Application due Oct 1, 2020

This FOA invites applications to create an Artificial Intelligence and Technology Collaboratories for Aging Research Coordinating Center (AITCC), serving the needs of NIA and the NIA's Artificial Intelligence and Technology Collaboratories for Aging (AITC). The AITCC will serve as a hub for the AITC program and will facilitate and coordinate trans-AITC activities. The AITCC will also provide overarching support and advice to AITCs in the following domains: (1) setting ethical research standards involving older Americans and cognitivelyimpaired older Americans who will be exposed to technology and artificial intelligence methods; (2) providing assistance through the preparation of background instructions and submission templates to ensure compliance with laws and FDA regulations and facilitate approval of technology and products associated with artificial intelligence; (3) preparing background instructions and submission templates to assist AITC pilot investigators with reimbursement of technology through insurers; (4) assisting pilot recipients with scaling, dissemination, and commercialization of artificial intelligence and technology products derived from AITCs or other NIA-funded grants; and (5) disseminating AITC scientific and product advances to the broader lay audience, scientific community, and commercial market. The AITCC will work closely with the NIA Program Officer (e.g., maintain a centralized database to track and synthesize progress and outcomes of each Collaboratory) and, in coordination with all AITC sites, will be responsive to requests generated by key AITC site personnel, NIA, NIH, the scientific community, and the general public.

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