Posted: March 13, 2020

Nominations deadline extended to May 6, 2020; Full proposal invitation and full applications due May 27, 2020


In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) is funding five additional Vet Fellowships to conduct pandemic and zoonotic research. TheFFAR Vet Fellows program equips veterinary students with the expertise to address future agricultural challenges.

The FFAR Vet Fellows program will still support ten students to conduct research on agricultural productivity, public health and environmental sustainability. Information about applying for the FFAR Vet Fellows Program is available on FFAR's website. The fifteen 2020 FFAR Vet Fellows will be announced in summer 2020.


Animal proteins are critical to food security and nutrition, yet population growth, climate change, emerging infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance present significant challenges to sustainable livestock production globally.

Veterinarians trained in multi-species medicine, animal science and public health are key to addressing these challenges.

However, despite the growing need, few funding opportunities exist for veterinary students to gain experience in these research areas.

FFAR, with the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, offers a summer fellowship program for veterinary students called the FFAR Vet Fellows.

These fellowships allow veterinary students to pursue research at the intersection of global food security and sustainable animal production. The Vet Fellows gain important experience with cutting-edge scientific techniques while working with a qualified mentor.

Vet Fellows may work internationally, at an academic institution or with private-sector partners. The FFAR Vet Fellows program prepares future veterinarians for research and public service careers.

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