Student Research and Facilities

Your experience as a faculty member, student, or researcher can be greatly enriched by the research opportunities available in our college.

With total research expenditures of more than $81 million, our research funding commitment creates excellent opportunities for students and faculty.

Student Research

In the past five years:

  • 4 graduate students received NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants.
  • 2 received Pre-doctoral Fellowships from the American Heart Association.

Active Grants

  • 164 from National Institute of Health, worth $34.8 million
  • 69 from National Science Foundation worth $14.1 million

Departmental Research

Learn about the innovative research and facilities in the nine academic departments in the College of Agricultural Sciences:


From research farms, offices, and greenhouses to cutting-edge lab and technology environments, the college continues to add to its state-of-the-art resources to support the important work being conducted.

Most recently, an Arboretum, the Food Science Building, and the Forest Resources Building can be seen from Park Avenue.

These new facilities help us continue to provide educational opportunities and science-based information to protect, manage, and use natural and agricultural resources.

To provide this world-class program with a world-class facility, 45 acres within the Penn State Arboretum have been set aside for the new Center for Turfgrass Science. The $9.4 million center will encompass classrooms and laboratories, offices, conference rooms, dedicated field plots, and the Mascaro-Steinger Turfgrass Equipment Museum.