Describe your financial circumstances as applies to your education.

Please describe how you are financing your college education. Do you currently receive financial aid to attend PSU? Do you work? Do you have Federal Aid? College of Ag Sci Scholarships? Do you have siblings currently attending college also? Do you have a parent working for PSU, etc. NOTE: Without a description of how you are financing your studies, your application will not be considered.

Application Attachment

The Global Experience Application Essay should cover: * why did you choose the study abroad program you will be attending * what educational and professional objectives are you fulfilling by participating in this study abroad experience * how will you bring back what you learn abroad to enhance the college community * how do you think this experience will benefit your future * If you are submitting a proposal for an internationallyrelated research project, please attach a 250 – 500 word research proposal describing your project rationale, background information/review of literature, methodology, timeline, and impact of research. Please attach your application essay as a .docx, .pdf, .rtf, or .txt. See the example of application essay below.