Spring 2022 Semester Embedded Course, 2.5 Credits, Meeting Times and University Park Location TBA
Summer 2022 Semester Travel Component, 0.5 Credits for the Summer, Two Weeks: Last two weeks of May, 2022

Spring Semester at University Park

Prior to the summer program in Toulouse, is designed to explore key differences and similarities in the food and agricultural systems of the United States and France. We will introduce at least seven overarching food and agricultural topics as they pertain to both the U.S. (including Pennsylvania more specifically) and France.

Topics and themes

  • Agricultural policy and international trade; the role of agribusiness
  • The use and acceptance of genetically modified organisms
  • Organic food; local food systems
  • Bio-based energy
  • Diet and health
  • Food safety; animal welfare
  • The environmental implications of agricultural practices

Student Assignments

To better understand the similarities or differences between food systems in the U.S. and France, students will investigate these topics and themes, compose case study reports based on specific agricultural or food products, and give a team presentation on their findings. During the travel component, students will add to their understanding of their topic, and will create a final presentation during the end of experience in France.

Itinerary for Maymester

Toulouse, France's fourth-largest city, is on the Garonne River, about halfway between the Mediterranean Sea that the Atlantic Ocean in southwest France. The program incorporates academic and co-curricular activities and cultural experiences. These include:

  • Guest lectures by University of Toulouse faculty on Nutrition and Public Health Campaigns, History of Food in France, and Animal Welfare or Policy, label/grocery store activity
  • Guided walking tour of Toulouse including visit to the Basilica of St. Sernin
  • Tour of Toulouse markets
  • AMAP visit (Community Supported Agriculture)
  • Xavier cheese store and cave
  • Patisserie workshop
  • Cassoulet production visit
  • Fois gras visit
  • Overnight wine production excursion to Port-Vendres and Collioure by Mediterranean Sea

Students will have some evenings free to explore.

Approximate Expenses

  • Summer Tuition 0.5 credit
  • Airfare: varies, will book directly
    • Estimated at $2600
    • Program fee includes lodging, on-ground transportation, some meals, activity costs
  • Additional meals estimate $300
  • Additional expenses to consider:
    • Passport, international cell phone plan, souvenirs and other personal expenses.

Thank you to our host CIEE and for use of their photo.

For Additional Information or Application

Join us for a unique French Mediterranean experience!

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Ag Sciences Global


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