You Can Make a Difference ... For Our Faculty

Great universities have great faculties. When new curricula are developed, they are driven by the faculty; when students seek out our college, they are attracted by the quality of our faculty; and when we develop alliances with the private sector, they are driven by the quality of our outstanding faculty.

With seven endowed professorships and six endowed faculty chairs, the college has already made significant headway in ensuring that students have the opportunity to interact with some of the leading minds in the field. However, additional chairs and professorships are needed. Competition for the best available teachers and researchers is even more acute than for the promising students, in part because the college must also compete with private industry and the public sector for potential faculty. Such competition is traditionally keen in fields where Penn State, private business, and government most closely interface—the sciences, engineering, business, and health care fields.

Private support will make the difference in our college’s ability to recruit a distinguished scholar, or retain that scholar in the face of lures from other institutions or other potential employers.